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The company, Biomedisyn was established in February 2008 for the purpose of cancer treatment,
rehabilitation of cancer and follow-up care after cancer treatments.

The Company promotes focused on the Hyperthermic Cancer Therapy.
The loco regional hyperthermia is a cancer therapy, which leads to necrosis or apoptosis of
tumor tissues by heating temperatures 42 ~43 degree to tumor tissues using differences of a reaction to heat of normal tissue and tumor tissue. The hyperthermia supports and complements the traditional oncological and biological therapies. By the timely application of cytostatic and/or radiation therapy,
the tumor is sensitized to this treatment. It is applicable to all solid tumors and local recurrences and metastases.

We, the Biomedisyn have all product family in this hyperthermia treatment fully constructed as follows:

Celsius42+ GmbH German, Local Regional Deep Hyperthermia,
Model: Celsius TCS (all kind of local cancers)

Heckel Medizintechnik GmbH German, Whole Body Hyperthermia,
Model: heckel HT-3000 (recurrence.metastasis cancers / reinforcement of immunization)

HydroSun Medizintechnik GmbH German, Superficial Hyperthermia,
Model: hydrosun wIRA(water-filtered Infrared irradiator) 750FS / TWH1500(skin cancers, superficial breast cancers etc.)

Based on these competences, we will do our best to become helpful in increasing the cure rate and improving the quality of life of patients
together in having a close relationship as partners cooperating in both physically and spiritually for the realization of the values and the vision,
which cancer hospitals in the country pursue, and in offering the best service aiming to impress on patients customer.

For detail information about the Celsius TCS systems you can see the homepage

If you need further information about our company, please contact to Ms. Juliana Shim:

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